During your stay, you will be asked to wash your hands and use sanitizer a lot!

When you enter the arena, the commentry box, the equipment area and the foodsale you will have to use sanitizer. 

When you leave the arena and equipment area it is the same.

At the campsite we will make sure there is sanitizer, so its easy to use. Please do not bring it back to your own camp.

Masks might be used, we will know, when we get closer. 


Campsite will as usual be devided in areas according to firerestrictions, but we will also make sure, that social distance can be kept during your stay.

Please keep your distance to other people around you.

Around the arena their migth be zones. Each person shall have at least 4m2 which means a zone of 40m2 is for 10 persons.

These restrictions can be different when time comes, but be aware, that zones can be a part of the competition to secure everybody the best possible way. 


In the case of cancellation we will refund all participants. There will be a fee of 100 dk. kr. for each transaction due to fees. 

The same goes for countries, who can not come due to restriction from either their own or Danish government. That includes the possibility of quarantine. In these cases we refund as above. 

We want you to feel safe, when you enter, and we do not want you to loose money. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions.