Nice to know

The competition

The competition will be run according to IMGA rules.


Davy Quinn 4*  (Chief Referee)

Alun Whitney 4*

Dieter Birreck 4*

Jerome O’Connor 3*

Reserve: Andrew Rodaughan 3*


At the Europeans 2021 there will be breathtesting for all Open and U18 riders before their first session of each day (including practice days). The breathtest limit is set at zero alcohol. Full details can be found on the IMGA website.

The Arena

The arena has an underground irrigation and drainage system, which insure the surface always is as good as possible. No dust, no deep turns. 

There will be a cafeteria next to the arena, where you can buy all meals, which of course will be homemade.

We have more showers and toilettes than we ever had, and hygiene will be more important for us than ever. 


The showground is places only 20 minutes from Copenhagen Airport and Copenhagen City.

Vallensbæk Beach is 10 minutes from the showground. City2 Shoppingmall is 15 minutes away. 

find links to accomondation below: